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About Company:

These have been the hallmarks of Avon Export since its inception in 2007 in Mirzapur, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, nearly 800 kilometres east-west of India’s capital, New Delhi.

And these hallmarks, during the past nearly 18 years, have enabled the Avon Export to carve out a niche for itself in the export markets in the world’s most developed segments—the USA, Europe, Australia, Malaysia and China. Avon Export is linked with one of the renowned name in the industry and establishes a great deal of relationship along with his managing director.

Shiv Lal Maurya, Standing behind this corporation, he established this industry in the beginning period of his life. Lal Maurya has a vision to make this carpet business more famous with his esteemed quality and productive work. Beginning from the grassroots as a weaver of high-quality carpets for those who hired his services, he graduated soon to a higher pedestal in carpet industry. From weaving the carpets himself, he turned out to be a much-in-demand expert to undertake contract for reputed manufacturers for weaving of carpets for them by his own team of carpet weavers.
The base, thus being long and varied, coupled with the sound expertise acquired over a sufficiently long period of time; Shiv Lal Maurya took the next natural step towards giving a shape to his excellence as a manufacturer of carpets under the umbrella of his own enterprise.
Thus was born the Avon Export in 1987.
And since then, neither Shiv Lal Maurya nor his Avon Export had any breathing time to look back. The initial warm reception which the carpets made by the unit evoked among the carpet lovers abroad led to a tremendous spurt in the demand for its carpets, creating an enviable record of producing a
total of about 18,000 thousands of carpets since then..
With the enthusing support coming from the buyers in export markets, the momentum continues unabated even now, and the Avon Export has been marching ahead with its yearly production having crossed now well over 5,000 square yards of carpets. And all this under the SINGLE-ROOF MANUFACTURING undertaken at the Avon Export, where an ever-vigilant team of quality-maintenance experts take abundant care that knotwise weaving quality is uncompromisingly maintained